Knitting, lately

It seems absurd to be knitting at this time of year, but that’s how it goes if you want something cozy to wear when it starts to get cool again in September. I started this Mama Vertebrae cardigan sometime in the spring, knowing it would get put down and picked up between heat-waves. All I have left to do are the sleeves and the edging. Getting there!

august 2015 008

august 2015 014



I’m determined to photograph these little beauties up close in the trees one day. Whether I’ll need to get a much more powerful camera lens or stake out the treetops, I’m not sure. Maybe both. Even though you can barely see them in these photos (look closely!) they are so much prettier photographed in their natural habitat. The middle photo is a different bird’s nest.






There’s so much inspiration from nature. Texture, pattern, light, colour, and movement; I love capturing the layers as they change, from one moment to the next.

snake (3)

birch creeping charlie



Days at the farm

I always love visiting The Experimental Farm. My daughter is still a bit fearful approaching livestock; she likes the idea but in reality they turn out to be giant snorting beasts instead of smiling plastic figurines. She is cautiously curious, but inevitably some hooved animal will bleat in her face and it’s all over. So after some tears, we enjoyed the other parts of the Agriculture Museum instead. In my 30+ years of visiting the farm, I somehow missed the wall of mason jar preserves and vintage kitchen appliances! I guess I was always more captivated by live animals. I’m hoping my daughter will learn to enjoy them soon, too. Maybe next year!


farm jars

farm white rose sign

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