Oh, December.

Every year I try to be a little more prepared: spending more time than money on gifts, putting up decorations early enough to make it worth the effort. Every year is a little different, but generally I fall somewhere in the middle of my (unrealistic?) expectations.

As of today, we have no decorations up (everything is in storage) but I have most of the shopping out of the way. This means I have time to have fun with some handmade gifts (and a little knitting for myself), without the pressure of a deadline. I have some baking to do by Christmas Day, but it is all very manageable and I rather enjoy that sort of thing.

All this to say, in this house we’ve been sick since the beginning of November; mostly my daughter, who has had three consecutive colds (or one really long one). I think I counted 2 full days without a runny nose and/or cough. It’s a Christmas miracle that ANYTHING has gotten done around here.

knitting rikke hat


Ball Jar cropped

PS: I also finished the painting that I mentioned awhile back. I still think it needs work but I like it enough to hang it up and let it go for the time being. I’ve already started on another much smaller one but I’m not sure when I will have time to work on it at home. Leaving the house for this class was a great motivator!


Knitting Projects

Something that has been occupying my evenings has been knitting. It’s something I can do while we relax after our daughter has gone to bed. I’ve definitely gotten better since I started a few years ago, I can now follow a pattern and make simple modifications if necessary. Still, there is lots of room for improvement and as with everything I do, hindsight seems to be my weak point- you know, the “should-haves.”

In any case- one of the most satisfying parts, aside from actually completing a project, is photographing it. I pull bits and pieces from my nature collection and create a little still-life. I’m keeping track of everything on Ravelry if you want to stop by and say hi!

knit blue hat

ella mitts 2

What are you working on?


Nature Collection

nature collection organize (9)

On a recent rainy afternoon, I gathered all of my little treasures from around the house and put them together into a labeled box. I had dragonfly wings and wasp honeycombs in jars, fallen oak and gingko leaves pressed between pages of a book, and crow feathers in a vase. (I also have enough acorns to last the winter.) All for safe-keeping until I found a permanent place to store them. I still have no idea what to do with these things but at least I know where to find them now!


The Richness of Fall

sept 2014 182

oct 2014 004

oct 2014 093

cold sunny days
more time at the stove
knitting warm things
sewing costumes
collecting sidewalk treasures
catching golden light
October was beautiful.

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