Knit, knit, rip…

I didn’t share this until now since it was a birthday gift for a certain little monkey (not the one pictured). It’s a basketweave patterned hat; here’s a link to it on Ravelry if you are interested in the details. It was a fun, quick knit, and there was enough yarn left to make a pixie hat for my daughter.

august 2015 cottage 013

A couple of weeks ago, I took a knitting class to get some help with my sweater, which I was having a lot of trouble with. Since then, I have learned of a couple of major problems with my knitting, which was good to find out but definitely frustrating. The main thing I need to work on is that my knitting is too loose. It explains why my sweater was so large, despite having checked my gauge before starting. I am sorry to say this…but I had to pull it all out and start knitting the sweater all over again. And it seems to be taking forever. It’s a little depressing.

I also have a toddler sweater on the go, which has also come out quite large, but at least she will grow into it. Eventually. I am working on the sleeves, and I feel stalled in deciding how long to make them so she can still wear it this fall.

I was almost finished a hat for myself too, when I discovered a flaw in the pattern that I just couldn’t recover from. I have since been in touch with the designer, who has given me a new version of the pattern to try.

So, even though it has been a huge challenge lately, and not a very relaxing hobby at the moment, I have learned some important lessons. And I still managed to make two adorable hats for a couple of monkeys.


Spinning a rainbow

Is there anything more incredible than a spider-web? By design alone it’s a marvel, but the way it catches the late afternoon sun is nothing short of a miracle.

spiderweb closeup

mud lake spiderweb

spiderwb copy


Knitting, lately

It seems absurd to be knitting at this time of year, but that’s how it goes if you want something cozy to wear when it starts to get cool again in September. I started this Mama Vertebrae cardigan sometime in the spring, knowing it would get put down and picked up between heat-waves. All I have left to do are the sleeves and the edging. Getting there!

august 2015 008

august 2015 014



I’m determined to photograph these little beauties up close in the trees one day. Whether I’ll need to get a much more powerful camera lens or stake out the treetops, I’m not sure. Maybe both. Even though you can barely see them in these photos (look closely!) they are so much prettier photographed in their natural habitat. The middle photo is a different bird’s nest.




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