A little Christmas

Our holidays were pretty lovely and low-key. Just enough. We’ve had some years of “too much.” With a little one (and everyone in the house sick!) you just have to set your limits and enjoy the day. It goes by so fast. I managed to get a few humble decorations up just in time; a tiny tree with my favourite handmade ornaments and a string of white lights. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas with those lights. They are still hanging in the window and I will probably leave them up for awhile longer.

xmas tree

basketweave cowl


Oh, December.

Every year I try to be a little more prepared: spending more time than money on gifts, putting up decorations early enough to make it worth the effort. Every year is a little different, but generally I fall somewhere in the middle of my (unrealistic?) expectations.

As of today, we have no decorations up (everything is in storage) but I have most of the shopping out of the way. This means I have time to have fun with some handmade gifts (and a little knitting for myself), without the pressure of a deadline. I have some baking to do by Christmas Day, but it is all very manageable and I rather enjoy that sort of thing.

All this to say, in this house we’ve been sick since the beginning of November; mostly my daughter, who has had three consecutive colds (or one really long one). I think I counted 2 full days without a runny nose and/or cough. It’s a Christmas miracle that ANYTHING has gotten done around here.

knitting rikke hat


Ball Jar cropped

PS: I also finished the painting that I mentioned awhile back. I still think it needs work but I like it enough to hang it up and let it go for the time being. I’ve already started on another much smaller one but I’m not sure when I will have time to work on it at home. Leaving the house for this class was a great motivator!


Knitting Projects

Something that has been occupying my evenings has been knitting. It’s something I can do while we relax after our daughter has gone to bed. I’ve definitely gotten better since I started a few years ago, I can now follow a pattern and make simple modifications if necessary. Still, there is lots of room for improvement and as with everything I do, hindsight seems to be my weak point- you know, the “should-haves.”

In any case- one of the most satisfying parts, aside from actually completing a project, is photographing it. I pull bits and pieces from my nature collection and create a little still-life. I’m keeping track of everything on Ravelry if you want to stop by and say hi!

knit blue hat

ella mitts 2

What are you working on?


Nature Collection

nature collection organize (9)

On a recent rainy afternoon, I gathered all of my little treasures from around the house and put them together into a labeled box. I had dragonfly wings and wasp honeycombs in jars, fallen oak and gingko leaves pressed between pages of a book, and crow feathers in a vase. (I also have enough acorns to last the winter.) All for safe-keeping until I found a permanent place to store them. I still have no idea what to do with these things but at least I know where to find them now!

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