Tulips 2014

Here in Ottawa we look forward to May, the time of year when the tulips start to bloom. I love the sweeping, colour-blocked displays that are planted in the parks, but moreover I enjoy a few random tulips here and there in the gardens we see along the sidewalk. Flowers of different types, colours, shapes and heights are the most charming to me when planted together.

While we don’t have anything worth sharing from our own garden yet, here are some of my favourite tulip photos from this spring. Click HERE to see tulips from years past.









It feels like it’s been a slow spring, but maybe that’s because winter felt so long! Little babies do not enjoy playing in the snow. It made for some long, cozy days inside.

Now that the weather has been warming up, we made a quick visit to the Arboretum to see what was waking up. I am always distracted by last year’s hydrangeas. Their delicate, papery petals are one of the few flowers that remain all winter long.

blue hydra 1

blue hydra


The Softer Side

Fall is all about flamboyant colours: fiery red, pumpkin orange and lemony yellow. I know I’ve said it before, but I prefer its softer side. Plum, coral, sage, blush, and its endless palette of faded browns are so peaceful. Instead of colours roaring like fire, faded leaves and dried flowers glow peacefully in the autumn sun.

fall 011

Fall 2013

fall 067



This morning a doctor’s appointment pushed us out of the house for a walk. I’ll admit I spend a lot of time indoors these days. It’s just easier to have everything we need at home, rather than packing it all up to set up camp somewhere else. It’s also getting colder out there. Regardless, we bundled up for the trip, but with the sunshine it was actually warmer than the forecast suggested.

Because it was such a lovely fall day, I decided to bring my camera and wander on the way home. Some of the best photos are taken looking up at the leaves in the trees, but my first instinct as an explorer is to look down. Underfoot never disappoints.

fall coral

fall blackeyed susans

fall colour

fall lavender

fall ground covers

fall oak

fall purple yellow

fall 019

fall zinnia

fall berries

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