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On a recent rainy afternoon, I gathered all of my little treasures from around the house and put them together into a labeled box. I had dragonfly wings and wasp honeycombs in jars, fallen oak and gingko leaves pressed between pages of a book, and crow feathers in a vase. (I also have enough acorns to last the winter.) All for safe-keeping until I found a permanent place to store them. I still have no idea what to do with these things but at least I know where to find them now!


The Richness of Fall

sept 2014 182

oct 2014 004

oct 2014 093

cold sunny days
more time at the stove
knitting warm things
sewing costumes
collecting sidewalk treasures
catching golden light
October was beautiful.



This year, it was warm enough to spend Thanksgiving (mostly) outdoors. We had dinner at the cottage with family, visited a pumpkin patch and attended a pet rescue fundraiser with friends. Not all in one day, mind you; that’s the beauty of long weekends! Hope you enjoyed yours as well! ~xo

Pumpkin Patch 2014 (4)

pumpkin patch

Thanksgiving Cottage 2014 (25)

Thanksgiving Cottage 2014 (24)

thanksgiving wknd

thanksgiving wknd frank kitten


Still Life

I did some tinkering one afternoon during an unusually long nap (thank goodness for those!) and it yielded some still-lifes I’m really happy with. I used the hydrangeas that I collected back in August, which have faded to a pretty pale lavender. I found the cicada wings at the park one day; one of those things I’m never prepared to carry home.

It all felt very zen (maybe I was riding high on the idea of a napping child) and it got me thinking about still-life vs. outdoor nature photography, which is my usual approach. Of course there are pros and cons to each, but here are just a few things I like about each.

Still Life Photography

-collecting objects from outside
-creating an arrangement
-relaxing and reflective
-can be done indoors
-can be picked up and put aside easily
-stays put!

Outdoor Nature Photography

-involves going outside
-exploring the environment
-requires concentration and quick thinking
-light is always changing
-seasons are always changing
-always a surprise!

cicada hydrangea 3

cicada hydrangea pinecone

cicada hydrangea

I posted these three prints as a set, called “Paper Wings,” in my Etsy Shop.

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