This year, it was warm enough to spend Thanksgiving (mostly) outdoors. We had dinner at the cottage with family, visited a pumpkin patch and attended a pet rescue fundraiser with friends. Not all in one day, mind you; that’s the beauty of long weekends! Hope you enjoyed yours as well! ~xo

Pumpkin Patch 2014 (4)

pumpkin patch

Thanksgiving Cottage 2014 (25)

Thanksgiving Cottage 2014 (24)

thanksgiving wknd

thanksgiving wknd frank kitten


Still Life

I did some tinkering one afternoon during an unusually long nap (thank goodness for those!) and it yielded some still-lifes I’m really happy with. I used the hydrangeas that I collected back in August, which have faded to a pretty pale lavender. I found the cicada wings at the park one day; one of those things I’m never prepared to carry home.

It all felt very zen (maybe I was riding high on the idea of a napping child) and it got me thinking about still-life vs. outdoor nature photography, which is my usual approach. Of course there are pros and cons to each, but here are just a few things I like about each.

Still Life Photography

-collecting objects from outside
-creating an arrangement
-relaxing and reflective
-can be done indoors
-can be picked up and put aside easily
-stays put!

Outdoor Nature Photography

-involves going outside
-exploring the environment
-requires concentration and quick thinking
-light is always changing
-seasons are always changing
-always a surprise!

cicada hydrangea 3

cicada hydrangea pinecone

cicada hydrangea

I posted these three prints as a set, called “Paper Wings,” in my Etsy Shop.


Autumn Gifts

Although we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave today, we have been loving the cool weather lately. We had enough wind and rain to kick me into knitting mode- which was just fine by me! I had until mid-September to knit a birthday gift for a little friend of ours. I have never knitted a hat before so I needed the extra time to get it right. The little mitts were easy-peasy, and I’ve almost finished some for my girl. I’m now using my Ravelry account, which has been really helpful for keeping track of everything.

mitts and hat

sept 2014 113

I continue to pick up little bits and pieces from walks; autumn is so great for that. Acorns, seed pods, rosehips, insect wings when I’m lucky. I am collecting things with the intention of using them in my pottery class (!) that starts in November.

sept 2014 213

sept 2014 107

Such a golden time of year~ escape with your camera if you can!

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