Gatineau Park ~ Pink Lake

We visited Pink Lake on Saturday. I have been so tired and busy that I haven’t set aside time to write a post, but here is one picture to start:

clip_image002More later…


Stony Swamp ~ Jack Pine Trail

What a shame that I never knew about Stony Swamp until a couple of years ago, when someone told me that Chickadees will eat birdseed right out of your hand. It's an even bigger shame that I never went until last Sunday. From the moment we arrived, it felt like such a beautiful place. Chipmunks scurried around gathering food, undeterred by our presence.
We brought along some birdseed, and the Black-Capped Chickadees came right up to us to check it out. They were quite bold; one landed on the clear bag we were carrying and poked a hole in it!
We saw a Garter Snake, which to some that might be commonplace, but I was surprised to see it right out in the centre of the pathway. He was not happy when I crouched down to take this picture. The one of him actually striking at me came out blurry.
We came to a boardwalk, which opened from the wooded area to take us over a swamp. Ducks floated around in the shallow water; it seemed to be a quiet time of day for them. Most of them either were preening or napping. I even saw some small wading birds, possibly sandpipers or plovers. I couldn't get close enough to tell.
We also came across this little red squirrel. I put together some of the pictures of him. Click on it to see it larger:
All in all, it was a gorgeous day. The weather was perfect, and the photo opportunities were endless. The autumn foliage was just gorgeous. We will definitely go back again~ perhaps this winter!



Rooftop Chipmunks

I was downtown yesterday; I was hungry and I had some time to kill. I went up to the rooftop terrace at the Rideau Centre to sit in the shade. There was a little old lady feeding several brave chipmunks, who were climbing right into her lap. They'd stuff their cheeks, run off to put them away, and then come right back for more. When they had eaten all of her peanuts, they came over to investigate my coffee cup and sandwich wrapper. Sorry, guys~ next time I'll come prepared!


Autumn approaching...

So far, September has been just beautiful. The sun has been shining just about every day with a refreshing breeze in the air. I passed by a farmer's field this afternoon and took some early shots of some young Sugar Maples changing colours.





Dows Lake ~ Canada Geese


Yesterday we made a short stop at the Canal to see who was hanging out by the Weeping Willows.


I also came across a flower that I had to look up when I got home. It's called Jewelweed, which is an antidote to Poison Ivy, and also an indicator that Poison Ivy grows nearby.


Rockcliffe Park ~ Sunsets

On my birthday we went for a walk in Rockcliffe Park. We wanted to bring some dinner and have a little picnic, but we left late and realized we would arrive just in time to catch the sun setting.




Central Experimental Farm ~ Ornamental Gardens

This afternoon was so beautiful, and I was already in the neighbourhood, so I decided to make the Central  Experimental Farm my first stop. Of course I have been there many times, and it's so close it feels like cheating! Nevertheless, I walked a respectable distance, from Cow Lane (haha!) to the Ornamental Gardens.



Once there I wandered around aimlessly for a bit, attempting to take pictures of those elusive Mustard Whites who continue to evade me and make me dizzy:


And of course, some mandatory flower shots. I was really pleased about how this one came out. I couldn't tell you the name of the flower in the foreground, but the rainbow background is made up of dahlias:


The thing that pleased me most about the visit was this cicada:


I hear cicadas constantly, all summer long, but I NEVER see them. This is the first one I have really ever gotten to look at long enough to take pictures of. Instead of flying away, he just walked further up the branch, which allowed me to get several different shots of him. He is so cute. I never realized that their mouths look like the front grill of a car (click to view close-up):


One more picture that just made me happy. Spiderweb pictures don't usually turn out for me.


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