Our Fascination with Birch Trees

I’m not really sure what it is about this tree that has earned our admiration. Perhaps we like how the stark whiteness stands out against a forest full of grey and brown tree trunks. Or maybe it’s the fine lines that are jotted along the bark like sheet music or Morse code. Perhaps it’s the way the layers of bark peel away into curly ribbons or the pages of an old book.

Whatever the reason, I always feel something when I see a Birch tree.



{Pictures from our November Walk.}


A November Walk

I have let things slide a bit on my blog; one thing leads to another, things pile up, and here we are: a month after my last post! It has also been awhile since I made an effort to go for a walk in the woods with my camera.

This morning we went out for breakfast, and afterward we drove down to the Ottawa River Parkway, by Island Park. We walked around for a half-hour or so, talking and taking pictures.

After that, we drove home to get the dog, and walked through Pinhey Forest (Trail 30, behind Nepean Sportsplex). It was a beautiful walk, I am always stunned by what I never knew existed within the city.

After a lengthy hiatus, I couldn’t help but take tons of pictures. So I will be writing about a few at a time, to motivate myself to continue posting and to try to make each one worthwhile.


A feather caught on a branch, like a scarf lost in a windstorm.


Acorns scattered along the pebbled shore. I’ll admit, I came home with a few in my coat pocket.

More to come.

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