{where I want to be: warm and cozy on the couch}

Lately I have found myself~ like many people in this climate~ to be hibernating. The cold isn’t so bad if you are dressed for it. If that were my only obstacle for enjoying the outdoors I would just pile on more layers. Part of my problem is leaving for work when it’s still dark, and finishing work when the sun has started to go down.

 white morning

I am lucky enough to have the next five days OFF of work. I am wishing for fair weather!



New Prints

I have been playing around with these two images for quite awhile, trying to get just the right fit. Finally I have something I am happy with.

Crow Feather and Wandering Thyme

CROW Feather Hydrangea

Chickadee and Star of Bethlehem

CHICKADEE and Star Flowers


New @ The Paper Butterfly

I have added a few new items to my shop recently. Click on the photographs to view them in my shop.

Damselfly and Apple Blossoms (No.2)


Skipper Butterfly with

Trefoil and Birch

BUTTERFLIES Skipper and Birch

Bird’s Nest and Ferns

BIRD Nest and Ferns

Rabbit and Chamomile Flowers

 RABBIT and Chamomile Flowers

I also added a six-card Set of my Butterfly prints,

BUTTERFLY Legend copy withwebaddress

a four-card set of my Dragonfly prints,

DRAGONFLY set of four copy

and a two-card set of Ladybugs.

LADYBUG set of two copy

So stop on by if you are starting to miss the colours of summer; I know I am! Winter is coming soon!

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