Old Quarry Trail

The sun was shining so brightly today, so I took a long walk through Old Quarry Trail after work. About 50 feet in I spotted two White-Tailed Deer coming toward me on the path. I quickly realized there were about six of them wandering and grazing off the trees and ground shrubs.

deer 3

Rather than shying away from me, some of them came closer to see who I was. One of them (picture below) actually approached me, and even as I backed away, she kept coming closer. I know you’re not supposed to get too close to any wild animal so I moved along.


A bit further down the path, I just happened to look up, and what I saw literally took my breath away:

barred owl2

I stood there, completely astounded by a magnificent Barred Owl who was nestled in the crook of a tree, squinting at me like a sleepy cat.

barred owl 4

It was such a beautiful moment; it was so unexpected and peaceful, yet overwhelmingly emotional. I felt a little bit silly, to say the least, as I stood there in the middle of the woods, with tears starting to well up in my eyes.

barred owl5

It was my first time seeing an owl in the wild.


  1. Wow - what a great story! If only all our walks could be this way. Your pictures are beautiful.

  2. Thank you Doris. It was definitely one to remember; I'm glad I decided to start this blog to record it for myself.

  3. Beautiful photos, Caitlin! I have yet to see an owl in the wild; you captured him perfectly.

  4. I am so jealous! how amazing! I fell in love with owls last year when I got the chance to see them up close at a raptor show. But this is wonderful...it's just so different in their natural environment. Let me know if you add these to etsy! :))

  5. Thanks for all of your sweet comments, Mary. I too had the chance to see a barn owl at a raptor show. I even got to touch it~ their feathers are so fine and soft because they have to have silent flight. That was pretty cool, but seeing one in the wild was by far more special to me.

    I didn't have plans to add any of these to etsy, because they don't fit with the specific style I am working in. But please let me know if you are interested and I would love to create a custom listing for you.

    Thanks again :)


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