Bate Island

There are many places to stop along the Ottawa River. This afternoon we stopped at Bate Island to walk the dog and take in the scenery. It’s a charming little spot, with sweeping views of the water. I forgot my bigger lens at home, so I mostly took photos of the shoreline. 

melting ice patch rock and footprints

red branches river snow 

It looks like a great place to visit again. It’s very central, and it had many picnic tables to spend a sunny afternoon. A perfect place to watch sunsets.


  1. having grown up a short jaunt from this island it was one of our favorite spots to go with my father
    we nick named it acorn park because of all the oak trees and you used to be able to buy ice cream in the stone kiosk
    thanks for the beautiful memories

  2. Thanks Margie, it's lovely and I plan to visit again soon, and often. I can imagine it is a lovely spot in the summer and fall. And we did see a lot of squirrels, so they must be enjoying the steady supply of acorns!


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