I have been thinking a lot about the summer and I have come to the conclusion that we have to go camping this year. Every year we say we will, and yet the last time I remember actually going I believe I was twelve.

I asked a friend where to start and she suggested researching campsites on the Ontario Parks website. I did not realize that there were ten campsites within 200km of Ottawa! I was pleased to learn that Algonquin was one of them. For some reason I thought it was much further away. So now to decide where we want to go, and to decide if we should get a group of friends together for a weekend. If you have any recommendations about somewhere you’ve been, I’d love to hear about it!


One thing that has inspired me to explore the outdoors was looking at Maya’s flickr photostream. She has some beautiful sets depicting some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in her native country of Bulgaria. I highly recommend making a cup of tea and sitting down to take them all in. They are stunning and truly inspirational.


  1. Thats something I want to do this summer too! And I've always wanted to go to Algonquin Park. My husband is from Northern Ontario - Sudbury area and there are so many lakes and camping possibilities up there too!

  2. I've heard lovely things about Algonquin Park. It's definitely on my "places to visit" list.
    Have fun if you go, and take lots of pictures!


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