I’ve done it.

I’ve started a fan page for The Paper Butterfly on Facebook. I felt a little bit silly about it at first, but it really is a useful tool, if only for networking and getting my name out there. It will also come in handy for promoting upcoming art shows. Click this link to join: The Paper Butterfly on Facebook.

FACEBOOK Screenshot

The other {small} business-related leap I took this week was putting up my first internet ad on Craft Cult. It will be up for a week in a rotating sidebar. I wanted to start with a small commitment to see how much it helped. So for I’ve noticed quite a bit more traffic. Fingers crossed!


  1. Congrats on the Fan Page - I felt a little silly at first but it's turning in to such a great way to keep family and friends - and their friends - up to date on my blog, Etsy, etc. It sure is nice to link your blog to it, too - then all your posts show up automatically and people can comment on them there, too! Have fun with it!

  2. Thanks Katy~ I felt silly because some of the fan pages have become rampantly ridiculous: "Doing Cartwheels: 8 of your friends have become fans."

    Amazing how facebook has changed our lives! I'll have to join your facebook page too! I have been reading your blog :)


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