Mini Buntings

I have seen garlands and banners all over Etsy, made with patterned paper, scrapbooking supplies, and even vintage playing cards. So I thought, why not use some of my Paper Butterfly photographs?

BUNTING propBUNTING Dragonfly Autumn 3A couple of weeks ago I made a couple to hang in my office, and I have to say, I love having them around. They add a bit of colour and whimsy to the room without being too much.

BUNTING Scabiosa 3BUNTING Scabiosa 2 I’ve added them to my Etsy Shop to see what kind of response they get. I am also thinking about making one to decorate my next craft show table. 

See the listings here:

Autumn Dragonfly Bunting

Scabiosa and Spiderweb Bunting


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