Land Art

Last night I stumbled across an interesting concept called “Land Art.” I had seen a couple of these artists on Etsy, but I realized there is an entire community of people who share a love for this particular type of art.

land art mosaic

1. Circle, 2. landart | elmleafmeander, 3. Pennywort boat at Moulin Huet, 4. Brown Tree Leaves!, 5. slate circle, 6. macro land art 1, 7. Maple Sun Diamond, 8. nature morte à la plage 2, 9. Untitled

I have been poring over their photos, and there is such a range of interpretation. I am inspired to build some little pieces of my own this summer. If only it weren’t raining today!


  1. Oh, my goodness, Caitlin. I LOVE these! And the concept!! What a fabulous celebration of anture. Golly, I'm sure I can find lots of interesting bits on our 1/2 acre. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to seeing what you create! xo – g

  2. that is, celebration of NATURE. Sorry for the typo. :(


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