New Butterflies

I spent some time this weekend re-vamping the shop a bit, and I also added two new prints, a Ringlet Butterfly, and a Northern Crescent. I listed them on Saturday, and they sold on Monday morning~ I was so excited! I also worked on this Rabbit; I finished it last year but there was something not quite right about it. Now I love it.

BUTTERFLIES Ringlet Daisy 57

BUTTERFLIES Autumn Crescent 5x7


I have also listed the Tiny Camera prints in the shop, which sold on Monday as well.

Camera and Daisy 2 Camera and Daisy

Note to self: people like daisies.


  1. Fabulous images and well done on the sales!! I love the middle one best. And yes, I've found people love daisies, too. Seems kind of funny to me, but there you go! – g

  2. It's true! I have one daisy print on facebook and all my friends love it and I just don't see it...lol! but I loooove those camera prints!


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