It’s been a little while since I braved the heat with my camera. Chasing dragonflies and butterflies can be exhausting and disorienting when it’s 30 degrees, and with all the rain we’ve been getting I haven’t spent much time outside. This afternoon while I waited for my bus, I walked through the meadow across from the station. The Queen Anne’s Lace is at its peak, some stalks growing almost as tall as me. What a lovely sight to see a field of it swaying in the breeze.


Queen Anne Shadows

queen annes lace

Dragonfly totem pole BW  lying in wait

Dragonfly 2

The dragonflies were also co-operative, this one sat still for quite some time, basking in the sun while I photographed him. Pleased with the pictures I got, I decided to head back. If it hadn’t been so darned hot, I could have stayed all day.


  1. Wonderful pictures, Cait! Thanks for braving the heat! I've never gotten a good shot of a dragonfly so I'm in awe of these. Hope it cools down a bit for you. xo – g

  2. Their little eyes are so cool! The vintagey looking fields of lace are awesome, too. Great work!


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