Summer Rainbows

Here are a couple of new photographs for the shop. I always loved this little orange Northern Crescent, which I had already worked into something else, but I am much happier with the contrast of the pink and white flowers. I would also love to try it again in the fall when I have a new collection of autumn foliage to work with. Right now, the bright, vivid colours say “Summer” to me.

BUTTERFLIES Northern Tulips 57

BUTTERFLIES Painted Lady Crown 57 TWO

And then in the middle of writing this post, I looked out the window and took a picture of the sun going down:

sunset lemon

Ten minutes later, distracted from writing, I looked outside and the sunset had changed to lilac and indigo:

sunset lilac

…and then, a few minutes later, another transformation to magenta, yellow and orange:

sunset fucshia

…a time-elapsed rainbow.


  1. The new images are simply gorgeous, Cait! And I love the sunset series. Amazing! – g

  2. Magnificient - all of them - especially that one with the butterfly looking like it's in a rainbow.


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