Beehive, Work in Progress

Here is the latest embroidery piece that I finished the other night, for my work in progress. Each one has been very simple so far, so I am hesitant to add anything more to this one (I was thinking it might need a hole or a door). In any case, it will have to be put on hold. Yesterday I injured my left thumb in a peach pie incident. so my dexterity for stitching will be somewhat limited for a few days.

Beehive Embroidery

One of my new dragonflies was featured in a new Autumn treasury today, which is beautiful and golden. Click here to see it:

TREASURY Early Autumn

And while you’re at it, you should also stop by the curator’s shop, CaitlinSainio. We seem to have a few other things in common, and her work is lovely.

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  1. I have a thing for bees too! I love this stitching- simple and sweet! I sometimes see the little door in the beehive...it looks great as is though! Sorry to hear about your finger...at least you got pie afterward...right!?


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