Wood Ducks at the Arboretum

On Sunday we had a quiet little picnic at the Arboretum. Although it wasn’t sunny at all, we found a tree to sit under, and enjoyed watching the ducks swim by. I was pleased to see three juvenile Wood Ducks near where we were sitting. Around here most of the ducks we see are Mallards, so I was really excited to see them. As ducklings they are brown with striped feathers, but as adults they are strikingly beautiful. (Click here to see the male Wood Duck from last January.)

I snapped a few photos before my camera battery died… oops! It so seldom needs to be recharged, it didn’t even occur to me. It’s probably for the best though. Here you only have to look at one photo of a baby wood duck instead of fifty. But isn’t he cute?

Wood Duck Juv


dragonfly purple flowers


  1. I looove wood ducks! I once saw one at our local zoo, swimming amongst the Canada geese- it was striking! What a little cutie this one is.


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