Chasing Sunlight

Last night we walked down to the river as the sun was going down. By the time we got there, it was only visible as a faint golden glow on the horizon.

river sunset

It cast beautiful silhouettes of the plant life along the shore, and spiders of course.

river sunset queen anne's lace

river sunset spider

It was only around 7:00 pm when the light started to fade. It is just the beginning of shorter days and I am starting to remember what those bleak winter days are like. Photography really helped me through those days last year. Making an effort to get out of the house really makes a difference, as well as having cozy indoor activities as well. I plan to hibernate with baking and embroidery.


  1. Beautiful images, Cait. I know what you mean when suddenly it's dark at 7:30. The gloomy coming winter becomes impossible to deny. Now I start counting the days to the solstice when it starts getting light again. Embroidery and baking sound great! I'll be editing photos... :) Have a wonderful week. xo – g

  2. Lovely atmospheric shots. I think we all just have to bed down and get domestic over the winter months. The camera still has plenty of work to do!


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