X Marks the Spot

Finding a huge spider has always been kind of exciting to me. They’re fascinating, beautiful, and mysterious. They exist all around us, largely unnoticed, until the sun shines through their invisible web, or we’re dusting the forgotten corners of our windowsills.



I found these spiders lurking in the grass along the River Parkway. They had constructed their webs in the hollow pockets of tall matted grass, braced between stems of Queen Anne’s Lace. I stepped off the path to observe them from a different angle, but quickly changed my tune when I realized how many large webs~ and incredibly well-camouflaged spiders~ were in the area.

I found this video today, I wanted to watch a spider spinning a web. From what I understand this is usually done at night. Maybe one day when we have our own backyard I can sit on my porch and watch it live.



  1. Oh my gosh!! I love spiders, too. I think it comes from my attachment to the book/movie "Charlotte's Web". Still love that one! Thanks for sharing the video too....amazing!

  2. Those are gorgeous ... shiver-inducing, but gorgeous. ;-)

    I've noticed lots of spiders in the back garden this year ... more than last year definitely.

    Fascinating video - works of art for sure. :-)


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