Crossing the River

The weather was beautiful last weekend, so we decided to cross the bridge over to Qu├ębec for the afternoon. We walked through the woods, and along the river by Deschenes Rapids. Much of the scenery and wildlife are similar, but it was really odd to see our city from the other side of the river.

Autumn Sailboat




I also spotted two woodpeckers. One was a camera-shy Pileated Woodpecker, and the other was a Hairy Woodpecker (above) who was undeterred by how closely I watched him drill his way up the side of a tree.

Hoping for another beautiful autumn weekend~ Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, especially love the woodpecker. I too went for an autumnal walk yesterday here in leafy Surrey. It was warm and golden all day, talk about mists of mellow fruitfulness! Love this time of year! Thanks for showing me what it's like where you are.

  2. So pretty - what a lovely season, isn't it. :-)

    I love that first photo - how the sailboat is framed by the leaves. Hope you're enjoying Thanksgiving weekend!


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