In case you were wondering about my surprise, this is it. I finally put necklaces in the shop! While it’s a lovely idea, I had put it off because I wasn’t ready to invest in a bunch of supplies for YET ANOTHER project (I am notorious for those…but I swear I still work on them!) But then I came across a beautiful little (local) Etsy Shop, LaPetiteBoh√®me, and asked her to make some for me. After all, I do have a couple of shows coming up, so I was able to justify it to myself :) So far I’ve posted only these two, because the perfect-for-photos natural sunlight was pretty dim this weekend.

So please stop on by and check them out, and visit LaPetiteBoh√®me while you’re at it. She has the sweetest collection of pendants~ something to fit everyone’s style.

Monarch Monarch 2 Scabiosa 2 Scabiosa


  1. These are so lovely!!! I think they'll be big sellers at your show too! Great idea. :)

  2. Oh, Cait, these are marvelous!! Just beautiful pendants. Congratulations on getting them put in your shop. (I have a ton invested in jewelry findings and have yet to complete any to my satisfaction, so I understand). I wish you the best of success with them. Happy Halloween! xo – g

  3. These are so pretty.

    Just read the piece about you on fPOE blog, I was looking at your shop recently too :)

    Am now following my fellow fPOE memeber :) T.


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