Kind Words

Where would we be without the kind words and support of friends? Not just “real-life” friends, but also people from around the world, who we’ve never met, and who we only know through words and pictures.

This evening I turned on my computer, and found a lovely little pick-me-up: a sweet write-up by a fellow FPOE photographer, Laura Evans.

Just because.

time for tea

You can read it HERE ~ and please check her out too: Laura Evans Photography. A couple of her images are indelibly etched in my mind:

A Cat Amongst the Cameras and Coffee for Two

Thanks, Laura!

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  1. glad you like it ... every time i do these posts i get inspired by our fpoe members. I get to sit & look at the stunning images we produce & learn more about the person behind them & i love doing it. Your work is beautiful & seriously it was my pleasure! xx


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