Wild Horses of Sable Island


Awhile back I read an article about a place called Sable Island, Nova Scotia. It is a tiny sliver of sand, off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and the site of many shipwrecks. It has a colourful history, and it is legendary for its population of wild horses. Rugged and wild, they have survived on this weather-beaten terrain since the 1700’s, and there are many interesting theories about how they got there. (This CBC article has a list of “quirky tidbits" about Sable Island.)


This afternoon I spent some time reading up on this “deserted island,” and the most prominent photographer of its equine residents is Roberto Dutesco. His striking black and white images evoke a haunting feeling of being transported to another world or time.



On his website, you can view his entire gallery of Sable Island Horses. There is also a documentary about his work, which I would love to see in full. Clips are available to view at this link. For now I’ll share with this one with you, which really spoke to me about the connection between people and animals, as well as between photographer and subject:

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  1. Hi Caitlin - thanks so much for your posting about the Sable Island horses. It's a wonderful story, and like you, I'd love to see the documentary. There's a really interesting site here http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mnh/nature/sable/index.htm


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