Mer Bleue ~ Growth

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me with her diverse creativity of colour and shape. I took these photos last weekend at Mer Bleue, and they could not be more different from each other.

pine fans

new pine fans (possibly tamarack) and red leatherleaf


fuzzy pussywillow buds


poplar “cat-tails"

hairy moss

hairy green moss

spiky branches

starburst-shaped grasses (unknown)



butterfly embroidery complete

I have been learning how to embroider. This is my first attempt at an illustration. I drew a very loose outline in pencil and then just filled it in freehand.

Mer Bleue ~ Wildlife

Although we didn’t see much wildlife on our trip to Mer Bleue yesterday, the signs were definitely there. We saw several beaver lodges, one was even built right beside the boardwalk.

beaver dam roof

boardwalk beaver dam


And of course, there were chickadees.


Mer Bleue ~ Seeing Red and Pink

On this first day of Spring, my Mum and I set out this afternoon to visit Mer Bleue Bog. It is a beautiful spaghnum bog with a boardwalk running through it. We saw several beaver lodges, and although we didn’t see many birds, the blackbirds were certainly singing.

pink leaves

Right away we were captured by this shrub, Leather-leaf, which covered much of the bog mat. 

boardwalk leatherleaf

It was everywhere, creeping onto the boardwalk and glowing in the background of many photographs I took. I never expected to see such a presence of pink without a single flower in sight.

birch pink

The tiniest pinecones studded the branches of small tamarack trees; these little wooden roses were no larger than a pea:

larch pinecones pink

More to come…


Four Citylife-Inspired Prints

I hope you enjoy my newest offering, four black and white prints. I have had the bicycle print for awhile now, and I wanted to make a few more to go together as a set.

BW Set of Four WM s5

It’s Knot What You Think

The flowering trees at Lincoln Fields have not started blooming yet, so today I focused my camera on their knotted, lichen-covered trunks.

Tree Knot Lichen Bokeh

Flowering Crab

I’m looking forward to the day their branches are full of lush, fragrant pink blossoms, but right now their puddle reflections are still looking pretty stark.  

Tree Reflection V


Spring Colours Week ~ BLUE

Today was the last day of Spring Colours Week over at Poppytalk.

Friday : Blue

BIRD Nest and Ferns

CHICKADEE and Forget me Not

Happy Friday! And in a few hours~ SATURDAY!

Collaboration with Artist Jessica Torrant

I’m excited to announce a collaboration with the very talented Jessica Torrant of Green Garden Stamps. She has been busy carving up the sweetest floral stamps inspired by photos from my flickr photostream.



She has so many designs, from simple to elaborate, but they are all so endearing and share her very unique style.

Thanks, Jessica!



I was featured in my first Etsy Treasury today. This page was bursting with bright colours, welcoming the arrival of spring.

TREASURY Chrysalis

Click on the image if you would like to see the treasury live~ I think it is active until Saturday. Thank you Gypsyharte!

Spring Colours Week ~ PURPLE

This week it’s Spring Colours Week over at Poppytalk. The colour of the day is the nearest and dearest to my heart:

Thursday : Purple


SPIDER Web and Scabiosa

Head on over to their flickr group to share your colourful photos!


Cattail Creek

I took a new route today to enjoy the last hour of sunlight on this gorgeous, almost-spring day.


I found a winding wooded path that followed a shallow creek. I only took about 5 photographs. Of course one of them was a birch tree.

Spring Colours Week ~ YELLOW

It’s Spring Colours Week over at Poppytalk. Here are a couple of my submissions for today:

Wednesday : Yellow


BUTTERFLIES Skipper and Birch

Head on over to their flickr group to share your colourful photos!


Blending In

We went walking down by the Ottawa River today, which was mostly melted except for the water’s edge. Nothing really caught my attention until I spotted this feather caught in a bed of dried grass. duck feather

duck feather up-close

It baffles my mind to think of how beautifully and seamlessly Nature has co-ordinated every last detail of colour and pattern on this Earth.


Spring Colours Week ~ GREEN

This week it’s Spring Colours Week over at Poppytalk.

Tuesday : Green

RABBIT and Chamomile Flowers

SNAIL and Daisies


Head on over to their flickr group to share your colourful photos!

Spring Colours Week ~ PINK

This week it’s Spring Colours Week over at Poppytalk.

Monday : Pink

Tuesday : Green

Wednesday : Yellow

Thursday : Purple

Friday : Blue

Head on over to their flickr group to share your colourful photos!



Is it Spring yet?

To commemorate the upcoming arrival of Spring ~or simply my impatience for it!~ I thought I would share three of my prints that reflect the fresh, colourful  burst of life that is upon us.

LADYBUG and Roses

BUTTERFLIES Silvery Blue and Hydrangeas

CHICKADEE and Forget me Not

Pink, green and yellow are oh-so sweet together, don’t you think?



On Sunday we saw the beginnings of Spring. It was cloudy, then sunny, muddy, slushy and mild, and a little bit rainy. I wanted to do something outside so we went to Hogs’ Back Falls to see if the thaw had begun.

waterfall cliff

Waterfalls Ice

We watched and listened to the water rushing through the frozen cliffs. The ice formations were beautifully crystallized in layers, suspended just inches above the water’s surface.

waterfalls ice 3

Waterfalls Ice 2 copy

Some of the things that also caught my eye:

this tree, which reminded me of one I remember from a Group of Seven painting,


a moss-covered rock hiding under the snow,

green rock

and a barbed branch, silhouetted against the sparkly ripples in the water.


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