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New work @ The Paper Butterfly

I finally sat down last night to work on my first butterflies and dragonflies of the year. These were taken at the Herb Garden and I have been sitting on them for a week now, waiting to feel inspired and relaxed.

BUTTERFLIES Painted Lady and Barnboard

DRAGONFLIES Forget me not

I listed them last night on Etsy and I will be adding them as cards soon. If you click on the images they will bring you to my shop.


Owl Art

Ever since my moment with the Barred Owl this winter, I have kept her in my thoughts. I have relived that moment in my mind many times, and it always serves as a reminder to me of the quiet beauty that is all around us, and it brings me a sense of peace that I can’t explain.

Owls have been a symbol mythology in many cultures for thousands of years. Their round, expressive faces and wide eyes have been source of inspiration for many writers and artists. Here are a few paintings and prints I just love, from Etsy sellers. Click the links below each one to visit their individual shops.

Long-eared Owl Linocut

by RioSalidaArt

Lady Owl print -  premium matte paper

by marisolspoon

GREAT HORNED OWL loose block print

by annasee

the village at owl original illustration

by littlebighead

Don Matias

by Geninne

BARN OWL original linocut hand colored bird block print

by anagrampress

8 Inch x10 Inch Print - Twilight Awakening

by BirdNerd




Our holiday Monday was so hot, all we wanted to do was sit in the shade somewhere. We picked up some sandwiches and drove out to the Arboretum with my mum. We found a shady spot by the water under a weeping willow, and before we could sit down, this is what we saw on the other side, about 50 feet away:


Never having seen a Great Blue Heron so close, I couldn’t look away. He stayed put for a long time, having found a safe spot on a log that stretched out from edge of the water. Every once and awhile, a passerby would get a little too close to his tree and he would perch right at the end, ready to take off if need be:


He was the centre of attention and conversation. We all watched him through my camera lens to see what he was doing. At one point he fanned his wings out, which was quite spectacular, and I just missed it with my camera. But then he sat for a few moments with his wings shrugged by his sides:


Finally someone walking by prompted him to take off, and it was just our luck that he landed across the water, just 15 feet away from us. Here is spotting a fish in the water and stretching his long neck out to catch it:




By the time he came around this close, a few other people had spotted him and came by to watch him as he quietly waded through the tall grass and shallow water.



Click HERE to learn more about this majestic wading bird, the Great Blue Heron.


Summer of Love

I disappeared for awhile last week because I have been celebrating weddings and enjoying the sunshine. My two best friends were married this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. We had a wonderful time with their families, meeting new people, and enjoying great music and eating way too much food.

The weather was beautiful and we were fortunate to have spent Saturday at the Herb Garden in Almonte. Since it was an all-day party, we had time to take a quiet little walk around the property and its trails, rested under a shady tree, and found some pretties to take pictures of:

Dragonfly Back

Tiger Swallowtail

Painted Lady

Swallowtail 2


On Sunday, we spent the afternoon at the Arboretum for photographs of the bride and groom. I have never been hiking through the forest in a floor-length satin gown before, but there is a first time for everything. Love was in the air this weekend, let me tell you, and wonderful memories were made.

Remember this?



..are one of my favourite tiny flowers. I found a patch of them today by Pinecrest Creek, along with many types of clover and trailing plants which I need to learn to identify. I collected a few leaves and pressed them into my notebook; I have a project in mind for later.




The Herb Garden

This afternoon was well-spent at the Herb Garden in Almonte, Ontario. One of my girls is having her wedding there next week and we needed to do a final walk-through. It is such a beautiful property out in the country, with gorgeous gardens and heritage barns. It is definitely worth the drive in the summer months.

I caught my first photographs of this year’s butterflies, who may be Painted Ladies, but I am not completely sure. I really need to develop some sort of technique because I literally spun around in circles, following some of them. Maybe I should sit still and let them come to me? Any tips?

orange butterfly2



dragonfly hawk

orange butterfly

I am also going to be the unofficial photographer to this wedding; I was able to scope out a few spots against the beautiful weathered wood of the heritage barns. Here is hoping the “Big Day” is just as beautiful as today was!


One tree, two ferns

As I post these, it strikes me that this is the same tree, at the same angle. There were ferns all around it, and I was trying to capture the ones behind it and in front of it. Interesting how they almost line up, and I only just realized it.

fern 2



Rainy Day Tinkering…

It has been cold and threatening rain all weekend and I think that is what might be contributing to my mood today. I decided to hole up for the day and work on some new artwork for the Paper Butterfly, since I have a newfound wealth of flower photos.

Bluebell Dragonfly

Where Honey Comes From

Magnolia Hornets Nest

Blue Queen Anne

So far I have posted the Dragonfly in my shop, but I am still trying to decide on the other three. What do you think?


Land Art

Last night I stumbled across an interesting concept called “Land Art.” I had seen a couple of these artists on Etsy, but I realized there is an entire community of people who share a love for this particular type of art.

land art mosaic

1. Circle, 2. landart | elmleafmeander, 3. Pennywort boat at Moulin Huet, 4. Brown Tree Leaves!, 5. slate circle, 6. macro land art 1, 7. Maple Sun Diamond, 8. nature morte à la plage 2, 9. Untitled

I have been poring over their photos, and there is such a range of interpretation. I am inspired to build some little pieces of my own this summer. If only it weren’t raining today!


Painterly Apple Blossoms

I love Apple Blossoms. I found these pale pink flowers in a shady spot at Algonquin College. They are so fragrant, cheerful and feminine. The flowers burst forth from their stems like comets, and they even have star-shaped centres.




I just love how sweetly pink and green go together, from the fine lines painted on the leaves, to the soft painterly texture they create in the background.


The Tulips are Here

The Tulip Festival begins tomorrow, so I thought it would be fitting to post the tulip pictures I took yesterday at Algonquin College. Sometimes I take their presence in our city for granted, but they really are spectacular when you see large groups of them, in every colour imaginable. If you don’t already know about their history in Ottawa, read about it ~HERE~

yellow pink tulip

pink orange tulips

Another local photographer (and fellow fPOE member) Shawna Cameron will be there exhibiting her beautiful abstract tulip photography. See her work ~HERE~ and check her out at the Tulip Festival!

Also, if you haven’t already noticed in your browser, I have changed my domain name to:


For the time being, you’ll be re-directed if you type in the old OttawaWilderness address.


Sweet White Flowers

Another walk through Algonquin College’s student garden revealed a completely different display of flowers from my last visit two weeks ago. It also yielded more photos than I know what to do with! Since I came back with so many, I am going to post just a few at a time.


white coral bells daisies

pear blossoms 2


I’ll be back tomorrow to share a few more…

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