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My dear old blog has been neglected for the last week or so. My camera has also been gathering dust, in fact. Partly due to being busy at work, but I have also been prepping for the craft show that starts TODAY! I only have a few loose ends to gather up, but everything is pretty much packed up and ready to go. Wish me luck!

Here is a photo I took a couple of Thanksgivings ago. It’s an inuksuk that we found at the top of one of the hills in Gatineau. It’s very small, you can see it larger by clicking on the photo. So, happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! Hope you are all enjoying lovely weather and comforting food today. This morning it snowed here, so hopefully I will have time to take some interesting photos.

cottage thanksgiving hillside inukshuk


Music Monday – City of Lakes

This is the first song I remember hearing by Matt Mays, about seven years ago. I loved his soulful voice and the poetry of his lyrics. The video is also beautifully Canadian, complete with autumn foliage and grey skies at the cottage. Enjoy!


November Butterfly

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon in the country with my mother. Of course I brought my camera along, expecting to see some wild birds or pastoral scenes with barns and horses. But instead, I saw something else flutter by.

That’s right~ a butterfly. In November.

November Butterfly

November Butterfly 2


Wild Horses of Sable Island


Awhile back I read an article about a place called Sable Island, Nova Scotia. It is a tiny sliver of sand, off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and the site of many shipwrecks. It has a colourful history, and it is legendary for its population of wild horses. Rugged and wild, they have survived on this weather-beaten terrain since the 1700’s, and there are many interesting theories about how they got there. (This CBC article has a list of “quirky tidbits" about Sable Island.)


This afternoon I spent some time reading up on this “deserted island,” and the most prominent photographer of its equine residents is Roberto Dutesco. His striking black and white images evoke a haunting feeling of being transported to another world or time.



On his website, you can view his entire gallery of Sable Island Horses. There is also a documentary about his work, which I would love to see in full. Clips are available to view at this link. For now I’ll share with this one with you, which really spoke to me about the connection between people and animals, as well as between photographer and subject:


Work, work, work

I spent most of the day (between making cups of tea of course) organizing computer files, taking prop photos (for the calendar) and trying to get ready for the shows. I just realized how much my little portfolio has grown since the last show. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with decisions on how many of which sizes to print. I am starting to go cross-eyed. Oh, and here is my new business card:

Business Card Violet Calendar Prop

Oh, and I totally caved splurged decided to reward myself and bought this necklace today from ANOriginals on Etsy:

camera necklace

After all, when was the last time I bought myself something pretty?


A couple more necklaces…

I added these two necklaces to the shop today. I think the green dragonfly is probably my favourite one.

Dragonfly Fern

Dragonfly Fern 2

Mourning Cloak

Mourning Cloak 2


Arts and Crafts Shows Coming Up…

…and the countdown begins…


Dragonfly Craft Sale Dec 3-4

I’ll be selling my wares at two craft shows this holiday season. This year I will have photo calendars and necklaces for sale~ I’d love to see you there!


Kind Words

Where would we be without the kind words and support of friends? Not just “real-life” friends, but also people from around the world, who we’ve never met, and who we only know through words and pictures.

This evening I turned on my computer, and found a lovely little pick-me-up: a sweet write-up by a fellow FPOE photographer, Laura Evans.

Just because.

time for tea

You can read it HERE ~ and please check her out too: Laura Evans Photography. A couple of her images are indelibly etched in my mind:

A Cat Amongst the Cameras and Coffee for Two

Thanks, Laura!

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