2010 ~ A Year of Photos

I started out in 2010 with the 365 project, as a daily motivation to take more photographs. While I didn’t keep up with the strict regiment, I did find a comfortable way to weave photography into my daily life. Here are some of my favourites from this year; some are favourite moments as opposed to the best images.


1. Barred Owl, 2. Crows by the River, 3. Tamarack Pinecones and Leatherleaf, 4. Scilla, 5. Painted Lady, 6. Tiny Camera, 7. Fern Silhouette, 8. Golden Duckling, 9. River Sunset, 10. Dragonfly Fern Necklace, 11. November Butterfly, 12. Tree Branches

In 2011, I hope to take more portrait photography~ getting out of my comfort zone and asking to take people’s pictures. I also want to spend more time outside photographing wild birds. Also, Winter is the perfect time to improve my low-light photography, without using flash.

I have other personal resolutions, but those are my photo-related ones. What are some of your goals for the new year~ artistic or otherwise?

Happy New Year :)


Bachelor Pad

I like to visit the library and borrow random books that catch my eye. In the Nature section I always find something interesting. Yesterday I picked up a book called Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural Histories (by Marty Crump) which chronicles comically bizarre animal behaviour. I’m only into the first chapter (mating rituals) and read this fascinating story about the Bowerbird. This drab-coloured bird uses flowers, stones, mushrooms~ anything it can find, really~ to build elaborately decorated displays, all to attract females. I had to see it to believe it.


Winter woods

In the winter I find I take more photos of plant life than the actual snow on the ground. Forest life is stripped down to its essential framework, revealing skeletal textures of leaves what are left of flowers. The open canopy lets the soft winter light in, reflecting off the white snow and illuminating colours that are usually overshadowed by green.

Branch silhouette 4

Curled leavs


Orange leaves


Merry Christmas!

This year we had the wonderful opportunity to spend Christmas Day with my husband’s extended family at their farm. They have a beautiful country property surrounded by wooded trails, so before dark we enjoyed a walk through the forest. Even though it was cold (maybe because one of my boots has a hole in it!?) it was great to finally get outside for a walk in the new snow.

Dusk treeline

Branch silhouette

Branch silhouette 2

Branch silhouette 3

And of course, our hosts spoiled us with a delicious feast of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and apple pie. We even left with a home-grown pumpkin and a few striped squash. Any recipe suggestions?


Spinning a yarn…

Let’s just say I have been having fun with yarn. Inspired by a friend who made amazing felted bracelets, I decided to try simple knitting for myself. What a relaxing winter hobby. We’ve spent most evenings lately curled up on the couch, watching the entire three seasons of Deadwood, and I have been knitting.


Fun with Christmas Lights

There is not much going on our Christmas tree this year. I have decided to keep quality over quantity, choosig (or making) handmade over store-bought. So far our collection is very small, but fortunately, Christmas lights really do it for me.

We’ve also decided to keep the artificial tree for now. As much as I love the smell of pine needles(and sweeping the floor a hundred times a day) I am not sure if I can justify cutting down a tree, decorating it and then tossing it after two weeks.

What about you? Do you prefer a real tree or a fake one? And are you making any Christmas ornaments this year?

xmas lights framepaige xmas lights2paige xmas lights

It’s always hard to get your kids to smile for holiday photos, isn’t it?


Back to Normal

Well, both shows went off without a hitch. The crowds were smaller this year, but I appreciate those who came to see me~ thanks so much for your support!

I had meant to take more photos of my setup, but the lighting in the hall was a warm low light that I find hard to work with. My table looked basically the same at both, except that I had usable wall space at the second venue, to hang my framed work.

Some things I found really useful:

Silver wire easels. I bought a ton of them at the dollar store and used them to lean the calendars on, as well as inside the baskets to stand things upright.

Print-your-own business cards to make little pricing signs~ I already had them on hand and they were so easy to just print off.


All in all, I think it went well. It was a fun experience and I really enjoyed meeting other people. I’m a little bit tired after two long weekends, but I’m looking forward to really enjoying the holidays now. I have plans for baking with friends, making tree ornaments, and not too much shopping to do, just the fun stuff!

And I promise pictures of snow (or pictures of any kind~ it’s been too long!)

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