Winter Landscapes

It has been bracingly cold these past few days. After a brief (and unusual) melt earlier this month, the snow is covering the ground again. We’ve been mostly staying close to home, most photos I’ve taken these days are on the walk home~ no further than I have to go. 


oak leaf

oak leaf bokeh

acorn caps

I found quite a few acorn caps that had fallen into some shrubbery below. They are still attached to their twigs~ any crafty ideas of what to do with them?

Around this time last year…

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  1. Ooh! I'd love to find some ideas for the acorn caps..the only thing I can think of is as a cap for beads, but they would need to be glazed/ sealed and wired. They may be too delicate..what about collected in a small bowl as decor or used in making homemade potpourri, all natural- something with dried orange peel and clove...:))


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