Flowers in the Snow

We were supposed to get a weekend full of snow (from Thursday to Monday) but it seemed to come down all at once on Wednesday. We ventured out on Sunday afternoon and I found these dried hydrangea flowers at Beechwood Cemetery. They were so delicate and well-preserved, like ancient parchments.

I could hear birds chirping and woodpeckers in the trees, which had a special meaning to me here. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel their presence.

winter hydrangea

winter hydrangea puff

winter hydrangea branch

winter hydrangea stem

winter orange euonymus



  1. This is really amazing! The colors are sublime and soft, bright yet muted all at once. Nature does the best work..we just try to capture it one frame at a time.


  2. Lovely, Cait! I am sooo far behind...I love these, very soft, feminine and earthy!


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