The soul of a houseplant

I took these photos last year, while poking around someone else’s home.

I have always loved houseplants but seem to have a bad luck when it comes to keeping them alive. The most recent casualty was an aloe plant; having jumped out of its pot, it was discovered on the bathroom floor. I suspect the cats might know something about it.

soul of a houseplant

soul of a houseplant2

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  1. Oh I so know what you are talking about...I caught Phoebe pulling about my plant (named "Hank") casually while cleaning herself the other day. I lunged to save Hank and he dropped and lost half his dirt..so sad! I have a wicked brown thumb, but Hank has lasted 2 years so far!
    Tiger tail? Must be regional, I've never heard of that!! It would be popular here though- people loooove licorice here! So interesting!!


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