FPoE Ambush~Shawna Cameron

Every month we surprise a member of our team to lavish with attention. It’s a great way to help promote each other and show our support as a group. The person chosen for the month of May is the talented Shawna Cameron!

Everything Nice by Shawna C

Her Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/shawnacameron
Her Flickr Gallery: www.flickr.com/photos/shawnac/
Her Blog: shawnacameron.com/blog/
Her Website: www.shawnacameron.com/

Show her some love; if you have time to spare, check out her blog and her photo gallery. If you have some money to spend, or are looking for a great gift, buy something from her shop. This spring, Shawna will also be featuring her work at the Tulip Festival, as well as The New Art Festival (both here in Ottawa). Tell your friends, post it on your blog, spread the word!

Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the feature Caitlin! I hope you get a chance to drop by the New Art Festival in June!

  2. beautiful macro shot! hughs Anja


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