A little too much sun…

I had a lovely day off today~ a lunch with Mum, and then a walk through the Experimental Farm gardens with my husband. Spring flowers were out in full force; forsythia, daffodils, magnolias, cherry blossoms, and a few tulips were starting to open. {PS: The Tulip Festival is on here in Ottawa, from now until May 23rd.}

cherry blossom cherry blossoms

Cait Magnolia2

Daffodils daffodils down2

We weren’t out for too long, but I was definitely feeling the effects of the sun {read: a little drunk}. After months of sweaters, coats and scarves, I wasn’t ready for it. A reminder to always bring water and wear sunscreen!


  1. So glad you got out in the sun. What a beautiful garden, everything is at it's peak. And what a really beautiful photo of you – just lovely!! xo – g

  2. My mother and I took similar pics of one another in front of her star magnolia tree! That's a great pic of you! Sounds like a romantic day spent at the "spare mental" farm...:0


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