Little World

They go easily unnoticed, sometimes not much taller than the grass growing around them. It’s hard not to appreciate the marvel of their design; of their miniature petals and the fine lines delicately painted on their faces. Minimalism and complexity all wrapped up in a tiny little flower.


 Violets and Leaves

 Forget me not


  1. So sweetly beautiful, Cait, and not so easy to photograph, I know. Just precious images. xo – g

  2. We have so many tiny (thumbnail sized) florals growing in the container box outside my condo building. I hardly noticed them in years past but this year I am proud to be able to name a few of them...probably thanks to people like you! I find the photos I've been liking more and more are the florals that aren't easily recognizable, the ones that everyone else notices. wonderful images - thank you for sharing these ;) I hope your summer is going wonderfully!


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