Leaving the Nest

We have a family of chickadees living in our backyard. Earlier this evening I heard a lot of peeping and chatter coming from the Juniper shrub.  I peered through the branches and sure enough, there they were, collecting food and feeding babies. They’re fully feathered fledglings (say that 10 times fast) and it seems that it is the time of year for leaving the nest. Last week I was dive-bombed several times by a protective Red-Winged Blackbird. They must be especially vigilant once their babies start to wander from the safety of the nest.

chickadee faded

The cats have  a great view of all this activity.

cat window faded

Anyway, sorry for the grainy photos, but it was getting dark and the sky was already grey and gloomy. I have yet to improve my low-light skills :) Any tips would be great!



  1. ...I like the grainy photos. I thought you did it on purpose! I love the photo of your kitty looking out at the birdy action! It's interesting...

  2. Actually I agree these are pretty good and I like the mood of dusk that you captured.
    As far as when the sun begins to set I try to increase my ISO and if that turns out too noisy I can use the Nikon "night mode" and it's a quick shortcut. You can always reduce the noise later in Photoshop if you wish..:)
    The chickadees are so adorable..


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