Perfect Cottage Weather

After a long week of sweltering summer heat, Saturday was spent at my best friend’s family cottage. There is no greater relief than swimming in a lake. We sat on the dock and dipped our toes in the water, ate watermelon and hunted dragonflies. And laughed a lot.

The most work I did all day was shucking corn and re-applying sunscreen.

Dragonfly lilypad



Riley came swimming with us too. We gave him a couple of pool noodles to help him stay afloat. See more photos HERE.

That’s how I spent my weekend. What did you do to cool off?

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  1. Whew....it has been super hot here, too! Love these peaceful shots, Cait. I've been to the beach only a few times...hope to go this week again and soak it all up before fall...(ugh!) :))


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