Spiral Shells

A few days ago I took some time out for myself and went for a walk down by the Ottawa River. I was in need of some reflective time, and I could have sat quietly by the water for hours. I collected some of the shells that had washed ashore , which I found to be just as meditative.


Actually, sorting and arranging them had a very calming effect on me. Looking at them all up close, I could see how they were all so different yet the same~ spirals.



I had been meaning to do more of this “Land Art.” It really does bring a new perspective to these little things all around us, that really are little works of art on their own.

Rock shadows

It looked like someone had been there before me collecting things. These white stones were arranged in the shape of a heart.

White Heart

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  1. Ooohh! those snaily shells are fantastic! And the heart is great, too. I would add that to my hearts collection! I find them everywhere. :)))


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