The sunflowers are back at the farm. When I photographed them last year, I focused on the field as a whole. There were so many of them and I wanted to capture that sense of abundance.

This year I thought I would get closer (this is where I would love a macro lens) and pay attention to the little details: floppy yellow petals, prickly green leaves and unfurling bracts, and faces made up of hundreds of star-shaped stamens.

Sunflower Curl

Sunflower Face Down   Sunflower Closed

Sunflower Side Face Down

Sunflower Sky   Sunflower Stamen

Sunflower Top

If you’re in the Ottawa area, you should stop by the Experimental Farm. I don’t know how long they will last, but there are two fields of sunflowers located on the corner of Baseline and Merivale.


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  1. Beautiful!! I love both posts. The closeups are dreamy and so interesting. I can't get enough of these huge flowers. They're so interesting and always full of cool creatures..


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