Today I Saw….

This year, August has had unusually cool weather. It feels more like fall around here, even more so with all of the turkeys I’ve seen lately. Early the other morning I spotted this foursome by the edge of a wooded area, and last week I saw a family of baby turkeys waddling across a busy road nearby.


Turkey 2

On my morning commute yesterday, I saw these four turkeys again, but this time a doe and fawn were walking toward them (well, the fawn was awkwardly trotting, as young ones do). I also saw a fox running along the riverside bikepath~ probably the first time I’ve seen a fox in the city.

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  1. The same day I saw this I also read in a book about signs from nature. The turkey is actually a caretaking animal and also associated with the earth since they have both feet on the ground. :)


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