Brown Paper Packages

Today I got a little package in the mail from Wild Pulp. It’s a set of cards, each with a photograph of a bird’s nest against a white background.


When I read more about the artist, I realized that he not only photographs the nests, but he actually makes them himself.  They are meticulously hand-crafted using natural materials. I think that’s what convinced me to buy them; talk about commitment to your craft.

Please check out his work HERE~ he also creates tree bark silhouettes of woodland animals, I’m sure you’ll love them.


  1. I also have some of Widpulp's cards. I love all of the work that has gone into them; they are perfect and gorgeous! I am thinking about purchasing photos too.

  2. Thanks again Caitlin! I'm always grateful for such positive feedback.

    FYI, the archival photos are printed in a completely different method from the cards... they are matte and even more detailed.

    I also wanted to mention the Thank You sticker is hand lettered by Katy at 'K is for Calligraphy'!

    Hope you have a great holiday season!

  3. Thank you Christopher for mentioning me! I agree with Caitlin and Heather, your work is amazing!
    Cheers! xo, Katy


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