Playing with Leaves

autumn rose leaf (2) 1

autumn rose

Some of the roses are still blooming. although they are wilted by the cold and pretty pitiful. Still, it is nice to see some lingering colours in the yard. Their leaves are also changing very creatively: on the sunny side~ purple stems with hunter green leaves outlined with cherry red. On the underside, pale green stems with magenta thorns and leaves alternating between the two colours. Unfortunately the grey sky does not bode well for photographs.

Another jewel in the yard, I think from a serviceberry:

rainbow leaf

Purple, burgundy, orange, yellow and even blue in this one. It even had a perfect little hole in it. I held onto it for awhile; I think I was subconsciously trying to come up with a reason to keep it, until the adult in me said “Put it down, you’re not going to make a necklace with it.”

I did, however, collect a handful of leathery brown magnolia leaves. which could possibly be made into a wreath or some other holiday decoration. Any ideas?

magnolia leaf

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  1. You have found very amazing colors. Very beautiful.

    Happy Tuesday from Finland.


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