Days 5-8: Hibernating and Birds in Flight

I was hoping to do something every day and write a post but I have just been so busy at work that I haven’t had much energy left for extracurricular activities. The good news is that the weekend is coming up soon and my finger hasn’t been holding me back, so I hope to have some little projects lined up. I’ll get the tree up this weekend if it’s the last thing I do.

We had some good light early this morning and I was able to take some photos on my way in to work. A small flock of starlings was swirling back and forth between the trees and power lines. I’ll wear my better lens tomorrow and see if I can get some closer ones. I’ve cropped some below so you can see their silhouettes in flight.


DSC_0499 2


DSC_0501 2


DSC_0503 2

The light was pink and golden in this spot on the way home, but I had no time to stop. Maybe tomorrow I won’t feel so rushed.

Enjoy your weekend!

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