Over on the Folk Reveries Team, we’ve started a weekly treasury challenge. A member is chosen as inspiration, and the treasury is built around one of the items in their shop. I’ve participated in a few so far, and mine was picked this week! Inspired by these jewel-toned ceramic fish ornaments:~


(gorgeously handcrafted by terraworks)

I went with a water theme. There are so many talented artists in this group, it was so much fun looking through all of their interpretations of these colours and subjects.


So this week I am looking forward to what people come up with using my photos… Who knows? I’ll keep you posted! And to view the other treasuries made by members of the group: Folk Reveries Treasuries.


Flowers in the Snow

We were supposed to get a weekend full of snow (from Thursday to Monday) but it seemed to come down all at once on Wednesday. We ventured out on Sunday afternoon and I found these dried hydrangea flowers at Beechwood Cemetery. They were so delicate and well-preserved, like ancient parchments.

I could hear birds chirping and woodpeckers in the trees, which had a special meaning to me here. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel their presence.

winter hydrangea

winter hydrangea puff

winter hydrangea branch

winter hydrangea stem

winter orange euonymus



A Film About Bears

Last week I watched a moving documentary about the survival of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia. It follows wildlife filmmaker, Jeff Turner, as he hikes through the mountains observing bears in their natural habitat.

The Nature of Things :: The Last Grizzly of Paradise Valley 

nature of things

It was enthralling to watch, with as many playful, light-hearted moments as there were harsh, revealing truths about their struggle to survive in a changing world. Memorable vignettes include how the deer have moved into the backyards of a mountain town; and mesmerizing, slow-motion footage of a dragonfly in flight. Stunningly captured and beautifully narrated by Jeff himself, this video is worth watching. 

Click here to watch the full-length video (approx. 45 min)


Even in winter…

A spiderweb I spotted the other day…

spiderweb frost

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