Sweet weekend

Enjoying a cup of coffee and an orange for breakfast~
and visiting the honey and tractor museum at the farm.
Honey Tins
Yes, there is such a place~ only in Canada! ;)

Sepia Wings

I’ve never really tried sepia in any of my photos before, because I love how colours react and play off of each other. I sometimes feel like a passenger that way; going where the picture naturally takes me. But somehow sepia seemed like the right direction to follow with this dragonfly and pair of acorns. I came back to it again today, reworked it a bit, and I love the second version even more.

What do you think?


Dragonfly Acorn Old  46 WM


Spring Blues

We had a huge pile of snow today~ Spring hasn’t exactly sprung here yet. I have been sorting through my archives for inspiration, thinking of warmer weather. I found some photos of some blue hyacinths (I think) from last year and paired them with a little blue butterfly.

Blue Butterfly Blue Flowers sq WM

Now if only the snow would stop falling long enough!


Two New Birds

I listed these two (as a pair) in the shop last week. I really enjoyed visiting with the Chickadees and felt inspired to make some new prints. It seems so much easier to work with florals and bright colours, but these seemed to work well with the warm browns and ochres of dried winter foliage.




The soul of a houseplant

I took these photos last year, while poking around someone else’s home.

I have always loved houseplants but seem to have a bad luck when it comes to keeping them alive. The most recent casualty was an aloe plant; having jumped out of its pot, it was discovered on the bathroom floor. I suspect the cats might know something about it.

soul of a houseplant

soul of a houseplant2


Chickadees and Mittens

They must have seen us coming with our container of birdseed. About ten chickadees flew in from ten different directions when we stopped in the middle of the path at Mud Lake. They each took a turn landing on our hands, outstretched with sunflower seeds. I wore my new mittens, which are my first completed knitting project!


chickadee hand


I love fluffy little bird bums.


Bohemian Waxwings

On Sunday my husband and I went down to Mud Lake for a little walk. Without a car, I love that we can get there so easily; the buses run right along the river and down the street. It is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours in the woods, and still be close to home.

Although I haven’t been bird watching like I had meant to this winter, I always have my eyes and ears open when I go out anywhere. I finally saw a group of Bohemian Waxwings~ a huge flock of them, actually. They were stuffing themselves full of berries high up in the treetops, and making lots of noise. I wish I had a video setting on my camera for moments like these.


cedar waxwing

cedar waxwing berries cedar waxwing drop

cedar waxwing in flight

They were very entertaining to watch, and really exotic-looking, with their crests and masks. Maybe they are cardinals in disguise…

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