Other Things Seen at the Farm


blue glass greenhouse lilac nest

~blue-green glass windows~

~a nest in a lilac bush~

~three-inch tall flowers about to open~

tiny blue flowers


Orchid Show

As if I didn’t have enough to do this holiday weekend, I found out last-minute that the Orchid Show was on this at the Nepean Sportsplex. I asked a photographer pal of mine if she would like to join me, so off we went on Sunday morning.

DSC_0090 copy

DSC_0152 copy

I didn’t come away with very many photos that I was in love with, due to low light and the occasional spot-light, but it was a beautiful experience nonetheless. A room filled with exotic flowers of every shape, colour and fragrance you could imagine.

Happy Easter :)


Spring Blooms

It’s so wonderful to have an extra day off, even more so when the weather co-operates. I took a solo walk to the farm~ the first one this year to see the spring to see the flowers. The trees and gardens are still pretty much brown and bare, except for little patches of colour underfoot. The first little blooms seem to stay close the the ground, never more than a few inches tall.

red squirrel 

buttery crocus squill


Again I saw a butterfly, flying very high overhead. They’re awake, but not ready for their close-ups yet.

Happy Earth Day!


Rainy Weekend

It has still been really cold here. All week I have seen little flowers popping their heads up from the earth, but today it actually snowed.

Yesterday it rained so we spent the morning at the library, reading about Charley Harper and birds’ nests. We also borrowed one or two Jazz CDs that have been very entertaining. I spent the afternoon on the computer, reading blogs and tinkering with Photoshop. I had this idea in mind for a while and finally had some time to create it.

Honeycomb 8x10 WM

It’s a bit simple but I had a lot of fun making it, choosing all of the pieces and arranging them. They are all bits from nature, butterfly wings, flowers, leaves, and even the pattern on a deer.

How did you pass the time this weekend?


Mer Bleue

It seems that Spring has been evolving very slowly, the changes have been so small and barely noticeable. The weather was truly beautiful over the last couple of days, so we went to Mer Bleue Bog for a walk.

I was delighted to see a small orange butterfly so early in the year. It was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t stop long enough for me to identify, let alone photograph.

Everytime I visit this place, it seems like another world. It is an isolated environment, unique in colour and landscape. Dwarved Tamarack trees grow in the peat bog, with a sea of red and pink moss and foliage at their feet. If you visit when it is veiled with fog, or at dusk when you can hear the frogs, it is really quite spooky.

tiny pinecones2

red moss 

tiny pinecones

I’m so glad we went yesterday, because today it is pouring rain! Seize the day, friends; you never know what tomorrow will bring!


Spring Colours Week – Yellow

Looking back on all of this colour has really got me pining for warm weather. Yellow is something you just don’t see much of during the winter.

yellow butterfly

yellow woolly bear

yellow daffodils

Today was a rainy mess; I am so ready for those sunny days!

Spring Colours Week – Green

It’s not so green around here yet, but I have rounded up a few photos from last spring and summer that I hadn’t shared before. Enjoy!




Spring Colours Week on PoppyTalk


Perfectly Coiled

I would really love to know what would cause a little tree to look like this:


Would a vine be strong enough to distort the tree’s growth? And would it leave such a perfectly coiled pattern around its trunk?


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