Little World

They go easily unnoticed, sometimes not much taller than the grass growing around them. It’s hard not to appreciate the marvel of their design; of their miniature petals and the fine lines delicately painted on their faces. Minimalism and complexity all wrapped up in a tiny little flower.


 Violets and Leaves

 Forget me not


At the Cottage

Cottage Window Through Lilac Tree 

chirping birds   -   mosquito bites

canoe rides   -   rain falling on the water

complete darkness   -   noises in the night

faded family photos   -   Sixties d├ęcor

watching movies   -   cozy sweaters

Cottage Yellow Warblers Cottage Chair

We visited my family’s cottage over the long weekend, for one day overnight. Even though we knew it was going to rain, we needed a little time away from home together.

It is really close to the city; so close, in fact, that my brother stopped by because he was “in the neighbourhood.” This summer we plan to spend a lot more time there, and any other cottage we might get invited to :)


Under a Lilac Tree

The  rich scent of Lilacs is in the air. One of the true pleasures in life is pulling a fluffy handful of Lilac blossoms to your nose and taking in a slow, deep breath.
Rock Garden Pink Window
Lilacs Blue
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.


Enjoying the Tulips

This is the closing week of the Ottawa Tulip Festival, and every year I feel guilty if I don’t mark it with my camera.  They are all over the city, so there is no excuse to miss them. Today is supposed to be the only nice weather we will have for this holiday weekend, so it was now or never.

Reading this post on Georgianna’s blog got me thinking about different planting styles. I enjoy the dramatic symmetry of the displays along Dows Lake and Major’s Hill Park (lovely local photos here). However, I prefer tulips that are planted among other flowers; I feel it has a more intimate, natural look. The Experimental Farm mostly uses this naturally styled planting, and the bold displays are used sparingly.

Tulips Red

Tulip Curls

Tulips in Love

Tulip Window

Lilac Tulip Behind

Also, the lilacs are blooming. Enjoy them while they’re here. More photos of them soon :)


In the Pink

The sky was very overcast today; I have to say it feels like Spring is over and Fall is here. It seems odd to be wearing my fleece jacket again, when only a week ago I had a bit of sunburn. At least the Apple Blossoms have opened up, they are the proof we need to reassure us that warmer days are indeed ahead. 
Apple Blossom Trees2          Apple Blossom  Hanging Branch 2
Apple Blossom Branch Sky2
This is one of the biggest fields of Apple Blossoms that I know of in the Ottawa area, by Lincoln Fields. They really do have quite a magical effect in large numbers.


Surprising Yourself

Growing up, I always enjoyed painting. But like anything worthwhile, it requires patience and practice; neither of which I could commit to. For me, drawing was the hardest part, and I would give up before I could begin. It was easy to let myself believe that I wasn’t any good, resigned to the idea of “natural ability,” or lack thereof. I’ve decided, enough of that~ I may not be very good, but I never will be if I don’t do anything about it.

I wanted to draw a fox by a birch tree, and there were a few failed attempts. Instead of getting frustrated, I tried several approaches, until I could figure out what worked for me. And you know what? I actually surprised myself. I was really happy with how my initial drawing turned out. Duplicating it onto watercolour paper, however, was another story, but I started painting anyway.

It was fun~ a much better use of my evening than watching TV. And maybe I’ll get better.

fox rough draft fox & butterfly watercolour

Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to try, or wish you could improve on? What is holding you back from doing it?


Underfoot and Overhead


{daffodils backlit by the sun}

{new growth on a winter-bare larch pine}


I noticed that the apple blossoms are starting to open today… I will be on the lookout for specimens to photograph :) Hope it doesn’t rain!


A little too much sun…

I had a lovely day off today~ a lunch with Mum, and then a walk through the Experimental Farm gardens with my husband. Spring flowers were out in full force; forsythia, daffodils, magnolias, cherry blossoms, and a few tulips were starting to open. {PS: The Tulip Festival is on here in Ottawa, from now until May 23rd.}

cherry blossom cherry blossoms

Cait Magnolia2

Daffodils daffodils down2

We weren’t out for too long, but I was definitely feeling the effects of the sun {read: a little drunk}. After months of sweaters, coats and scarves, I wasn’t ready for it. A reminder to always bring water and wear sunscreen!


FPoE Ambush~Shawna Cameron

Every month we surprise a member of our team to lavish with attention. It’s a great way to help promote each other and show our support as a group. The person chosen for the month of May is the talented Shawna Cameron!

Everything Nice by Shawna C

Her Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/shawnacameron
Her Flickr Gallery: www.flickr.com/photos/shawnac/
Her Blog: shawnacameron.com/blog/
Her Website: www.shawnacameron.com/

Show her some love; if you have time to spare, check out her blog and her photo gallery. If you have some money to spend, or are looking for a great gift, buy something from her shop. This spring, Shawna will also be featuring her work at the Tulip Festival, as well as The New Art Festival (both here in Ottawa). Tell your friends, post it on your blog, spread the word!

Thank you!

This time next month…

…we will have this view from our kitchen window. We are moving into the house where I spent the later part of my childhood. We are very excited to have a backyard, a lovely sun porch, and more space! My mum planted several rosebushes along the fence (and raspberries too!), so we will arrive just in time to enjoy them.

Rose garden copy

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