Not Quite Spring Yet

I thought we were close a couple of weeks ago but who was I kidding? We’ve had a few big snowstorms since then, and it is still so cold most days.

When we set out for Mer Bleue, the sun was shining and the sky was blue; a day I had been waiting for. However, it clouded over soon after we arrived, and it was colder than I had anticipated. {Now that we’re home, the sun has come out again!}

At ground level the boardwalk was hidden, covered in snow, and I quickly learned to stay on the beaten path. I stepped off to get a closer look at something and my foot pushed through the snow, mid-thigh deep. I needed a hand to pull myself out~ snowshoes are a must!






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  1. I think the lack of direct sun was beneficial - those pictures are amazing and the lighting on them spot on!


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