The other day I mentioned that I had seen my first butterfly of Spring. Well, yesterday I saw at least 30 butterflies on my way home. Crossing busy intersections and frantically fluttering overhead, they came in droves. They all looked similar and when one landed on the back of the shed I was able to identify it as a Red Admiral (vanessa atalanta). It seems they all picked the same day to hatch out of their chrysalids. A very knowledgeable person I follow on flickr posted this write-up about them. Now I know it’s not just my imagination; there seems to be an abundance of them this year. Apparently they like olive trees, so keep your eyes peeled, Ottawa. There here!

Just so you know what they look like, the blurry photo below is one I took a couple years ago of one that landed on my camera strap at Mud Lake. It flew away before I could focus on it properly:

admiral and snail shell


  1. Good shot with this one, is it attempting to hide in camouflage? or is it just good blending between the subject and the background?

    1. They are naturally good at camouflage The other side of their wings looks like tree bark :) But I think the photo is a little blurry too!


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