Thanksgiving Hibernation

I could say life has been really busy around here, but I think it’s more that life has been following a different rhythm lately. We still have the occasional warm day, but it is getting cooler at a rapid pace, I think. My natural inclination is to curl up and stay indoors. I even started a new knitting project to keep me warm- more on that as it develops.

Thanksgiving also put me into a domestic groove, baking and cooking and puttering in the kitchen over the weekend, preparing for a wonderful dinner with family. This was my first year as a vegetarian, and also the first year I cooked a turkey myself.

Also… the little Juncos have returned to the neighbourhood, so it’s officially AUTUMN!

thanksgiving cats pumpkin

thanksgiving stovetop

thanksgiving buffet

thanksgiving crayons

thanksgiving pumpkin pie

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend, fellow Canadians :)

1 comment:

  1. It all looks cozy, fun and relaxing! We're about to launch into all that, too. But first, the Halloween chocolate. :)

    Looking forward to seeing the knitting project.



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