A touch of frost…

Lately mornings have been dusted with a glittering layer of frost. The low beams of early sunlight catching all of those tiny sparkles are the one thing that I truly enjoy photographing this time of year. Between autumn’s fiery parade and winter’s velvety white blankets of snow, there is a time when I am not easily tempted to take off my gloves and pull out my camera. Carefully layered woollens and barely warm hands are not often sacrificed for the sake of a few pictures. But when there is a touch of frost and a beautiful light, I suddenly feel ready to bask in their glow.

Frosty Morning (1)

Frosty Morning (2)

Frosty Morning (3)

Frosty Morning (4)

Frosty Morning (5)

Frosty Morning (6)


  1. I need to remember to get my camera out one morning this winter. The second picture is so pretty.

  2. These are just lovely. There is something so magical about getting up close to frost and how amazingly delicate and unique each bit is.


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