Everywhere Cat

She has been offered a proper bed, with her choice of two sofas, a duvet covered queen-size bed and up to three warm laps at any given time…


…but she prefers the waste paper bin that we use for kitchen towels or piles of papers left on floors and tables. Maybe she is trying to tell us something about our housekeeping?


The Wild Rabbits of Jericho Beach

A little story from Vancouver…

As we were walking through the park down to Jericho Beach, a couple of rabbits appeared from the under the shrubs. Right away you could tell they were not wild rabbits, but pets that had been released into the woods. The only markings you usually see in the wild are brown, and some varieties have white coats in the winter.

As we walked a little further, another bunny appeared, then another, and soon they were everywhere: they had multiplied into a feral colony. Even though most of them had probably never lived indoors with humans, they were fairly bold, coming right up to us to see if we had brought any food with us. They foraged along the edge of the woods, among the many crows living in the park.

DSC_0510 BlackRabbit BlackCrow

Rabbit up



Such beautiful, quiet creatures.

If you are interested in a similar story about birds, I highly recommend a documentary called

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.


Birding in BC

The first new bird I saw at Stanley Park in Vancouver quickly became the one we would see everywhere. The Spotted Towhee stood out among the foliage with its bright orange breast, and its mischievous red eyes reminded me of a certain troublemaker back home. 



These American Wigeons were also regulars at a few of the wet spots we visited. I love the colours in their plumage; velvety brown, black and white pin-striped wing feathers, and a dark teal stripe across their eyes. Very dashing.

American Wigeon


Happy Birding :)


Back Home

Yesterday I returned from a wonderful, well-deserved vacation in Vancouver. I stayed with my aunt, who is a generous hostess, and I visited my husband’s family as well. We did so much in the last week, but for me, the highlight (besides my adorable nieces and their fantastic birthday party) was all of the bird-watching we did. Everywhere. On the street, in the woods, over the ocean, you name it. I will share the photos from my trip over several posts (I took about 700+ pictures) but here are a few to give you an idea of what I did while I was there:







DSC_0540   DSC_0555




White Out

So much snow has fallen over the last couple of days, and everything is blanketed with white. It is so beautiful, and if the sun shines tomorrow, the photos opportunities would be amazing. Imagine the snowflake glitter I could capture with my new macro lens.

Instead, I am leaving on a jet plane for somewhere a little bit warmer: Beautiful British Columbia. It has been almost 3 years since I took a noticeable holiday, and almost 10 years since I have been out west. I’m looking forward to some rest and relaxation, visiting with family and friends, and hopefully some milder temperatures.

BW Snow

BW Snow 3

BW Snow 2

{for my Mom, who appreciates photos in black and white}


A New Year::Blank Canvas

My goal for 2012 is to put myself on paper.

For me, that means finding time everyday to use my creativity toward something tangible. Yes, you could say I am already doing that, with photography, food (aka my day job), and the crafting and artwork that I do from time to time. But the truth is that I spend more time thinking about it than actually doing it. My head is full of thoughts, and I keep getting distracted; I can’t keep up. It needs to become part of my daily routine.

So, to be short but sweet: Turn off the computer and be more productive.





Obviously I have to work at the technical parts of drawing and painting, so I have started working in a sketchbook. I have some great ideas in my mind that I would like to put together, be it through painting or embroidery. Part of the battle is to JUST DO IT. So bear with me, I need practice. I’d love to hear if you are working on something outside of your comfort zone. Share in the comments, if you like!

Two great posts about creativity in daily life:

{A Butterfly in my Hair}

{A Habit of Art}


My Stamp Collection

Enamoured with a couple of 25 cent Cecropia Moth stamp my husband saved for me last year, I went to the post office to see what other stamps they had. Turned out they had an entire insect series in small denomination stamps. So I embraced my inner nerd (or obvious dorkiness) and started a Nature-themed postage stamp collection. It was hard to find something inexpensive, small and also attractive. It seems that this hobby is very serious and old-fashioned. In the end I bought a 4x6 album photo album from Wallack’s; it does the job and has lots of pages to fill.



So far I have collected quite a few, and a couple of people have given me stamps from their travels abroad. I received a package in the mail today, and it just happened to be posted with a beautiful collection of American stamps, including a Monarch Butterfly.


Do you have a collection of something interesting?


Happy New Year!

I have many thoughts. goals and ideas for 2012, but I will share those another day. I am enjoying the last few moments of holiday peacefulness before the Mondays begin.

rosehip star

rosehip stars

raspberry star

{taken in the backyard with the new lens}

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