A Sure Sign

Be careful where you step- these little guys are popping up everywhere:

crocus love


crocus love 2


Spring Novelties

The way the sun shone through our bay window was too much for the cats to resist last week. I had all the windows open too, and they spent most of the day watching everything outside with all of their senses, suddenly heightened. The world outside is novel again, re-animated by smell and sound, without a pane of glass to muffle them. Ears twitched like antennae, eyes darted at every fluttering leaf, noses inhaled scents carried by the wind. And when they stopped moving long enough I captured a picture of their whiskers.







newly budding trees
clear starry nights
spooky, foggy mornings
birds chirping morning, noon and night
first dewy spiderwebs
deer and coyote in the fields



With the new macro lens I have realized two things:

1. I should get my camera cleaned more regularly because the macro lens magnifies the spots of dirt.
2. I might need to get glasses- the depth of field is so shallow I sometimes can’t see it.



A few more weeks…

Everybody is talking about the heat wave that we had this week. There is something very odd about wearing shorts and sandals before Spring has even arrived.

When I heard the temperatures were going up, I brought my butterfly chrysalis indoors. You can keep them in an unheated shed, or keep in the fridge to keep them cold.  I chose the sunporch, and this week I worried that it would hatch too early (like its sibling, who hatched during an unseasonably warm October weekend) and not have the advantage of a full, hot summer in which to flourish.

You can read all about how I kept them ::HERE:: This is the one that opened in October:

DSC_0192 2

So I moved it into a smaller container and found a spot in the fridge for it. I chose a mason jar and secured a piece of cheesecloth under the metal ring so that air can come through. I think the fridge will work well because it has a good amount of moisture.


Remember it looks like Mickey Mouse?



{do not open until late Spring}


Sugar Bush

We didn’t want to miss the Maple Syrup season again this year. Every year my BFF and I talk about going but the window of opportunity is small when you are so busy. Last weekend took advantage of the sunny, snow-melting weather and visited a sugar bush here in town. It is on an old farmstead whose buildings are still standing, and it is a beautiful foot-soaking, muddy spring walk through the woods. The husbands enjoyed all of the antiquities and old farm equipment, and of course we love farm animals.









We decided to try another one next time. We paid extra for the breakfast, which was disappointing. Four buffet menu items (eggs, pancakes, sausage and homefries- no fruit or baked beans as you might expect) is very limited for two vegetarians and a celiac. And we probably waited half an hour for the pancakes and coffee.

The taffy, however, was totally worth it. We savoured sticky mouthfuls of golden maple syrup cooled in the snow, and enjoyed the antics of the 10 year old boys who were serving it. And the company, as always, was wonderful. We joked about possible disguises we could employ to get more free taffy without being recognized. None of us brought any fake mustaches, though.


Ducks Unlimited

Here is a rundown of the waterfowl we spotted in BC. While I got some really awesome pictures, some were not unlike sightings of the Loch Ness Monster and maybe not worth sharing. It’s really all about the watching them anyway, and part of the fun was looking them up in the book at home.

Barrow's Goldeneye

Wood Duck2 Ring-Necked Duck 2



Surf Scoters         Harlequin Ducks

I have no photographic proof of every bird we spotted, but here is our checklist of waterfowl:

American Wigeon

Blue-Winged Teal

Wood Duck

Ring-Necked Duck

Surf Scoter

Harlequin Duck

Barrow’s Goldeneye



Mute Swan

American Coot



Have you seen this commemorative coin? I wish our money always looked like this:

anniversary coin


Not Quite Spring Yet

I thought we were close a couple of weeks ago but who was I kidding? We’ve had a few big snowstorms since then, and it is still so cold most days.

When we set out for Mer Bleue, the sun was shining and the sky was blue; a day I had been waiting for. However, it clouded over soon after we arrived, and it was colder than I had anticipated. {Now that we’re home, the sun has come out again!}

At ground level the boardwalk was hidden, covered in snow, and I quickly learned to stay on the beaten path. I stepped off to get a closer look at something and my foot pushed through the snow, mid-thigh deep. I needed a hand to pull myself out~ snowshoes are a must!






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