Summer Memories

It ain’t over until there is snow on the ground, but it has definitely dwindled into sweater weather. I have still yet to catch up on all of the wonderful summer moments I captured on my camera. During those times of feast or famine (ie. sunshine or rain) I sometimes take more pictures than I know what to do with. When life slows down I have more time to go through them and put together a little collection of the ones I may have overlooked the first time.

comma or question mark




identifying butterflies (Eastern Comma or Question Mark?)
wildflowers along the side of the road
slippery frogs by the river
patches of light in the woods (and more wildflowers)


It was a great summer.


Turning over a new leaf

And so we turn over another leaf into fall. Time to tackle some of the projects I would like to finish in time for the holidays. I am currently working on some cards and calendars for the shop. I also put up a couple of new autumn-themed prints:

Dragonfly Pinecone 57 WM

The team has been really busy too- here’s our new banner for the team blog. Such amazing photographers:

FPOE Autumn Mosaic ORIG

1. R E G A L, 2. Autumn in NY, 3. Yellow Rosebud, 4. checkered, 5. Apple Delight, 6. The Power of 3, 7. Leaf me alone, 8. warm me up... & breathe me..., 9. BOUNTY OF APPLES, 10. harp, 11. golden, 12. vw fest, 13. ***, 14. Deer Love, 15. Untitled, 16. Gourd Pile, 17. Beautiful September, 18. your fragile scent, 19. Monarch II , 20. Autumn, 21. Japanese Maple Leaf


A spider’s web

It’s that time of year again, and that time of day: when the sun glows through the leaves and illuminates the gardens and forests with deep, rich autumn colours. Spider webs are nothing short of miracles, leaving me speechless and pondering the meaning of life. It is only due to their fleeting existence that there isn’t a museum devoted to them.

spiderweb dogwood



In shop news: I am still offering 30% off until the end of September. Enter coupon code: BIRTHDAY30 


Balancing Act

August kind of flew by, and now here we are, halfway through September already. I’ll admit, my attention has been diverted from my own blog lately, as I have been working a little more with the FPOE Team. We are trying out some new participation and promotion ideas, since we have several social media venues. It’s fun and challenging, and I am still working through how to balance my contribution with my own workload. I just joined Twitter as well, so that is another new time commitment.

The other day I felt the urge to take a few pictures (it has been awhile), or it may have been more of a need to get some exercise and fresh air, I can’t be sure. All I know is that when I came home, I instantly felt revitalized and ready to tackle some of the projects I had started. Amazing how switching channels can boost your mood and energy. Here are some of the photos I took.





Gifts from the Sky

The river was waiting for us this afternoon. After visiting almost every night, to skipping a couple of weeks, I think we really missed its calm rhythms. The leaves in the woods are tinged with a touch of gold these days, and I couldn’t believe what we found there, freshly fallen from the sky:




This is my favourite time of year, and not just because it’s my birthday :D To celebrate this BIG YEAR, I am offering you 30% OFF in my Etsy Shop for all of September. Just enter coupon code: BIRTHDAY30 at the time of purchase.

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